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Hello, my name is Alex Goriainov. I'm the founder of Coders Team. I built a perfect close-knit team to create something amazing, unique and global. Out Team here to help to implement your 'crazy' ideas. We are fully aware of customer's needs, just sit back and give us do perfect software for your business

Forget your previous experience in software development, give us a description of what you need e.g. a prototype for your idea or partly implemented developed project. Just let us know of your needs and we will do it.

We design and develop software that delight your users and grow your business.

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Our Team

One dragon warrior, three samurai and your perfect app

Alex Goriainov Founder/CEO
Founder at Coders Team, Serial Entrepreneur, IT Outsourcing, Products Owner of YAMPOS CRM/POS, Coders Jackets - Innovative Clothing Heating Technology. Dreamer & Doer. Samurai of implementation
Max Polishuk Software engineer
A talented software developer has more than 10 years of experience. Owns of Embedded C / C ++, Objective-C at an advanced level has the ability to work with hardware and understanding the basic principles of hardware and the laws of physics. Dragon Warrior.
Eduard Nemirovskiy Full-stack developer
Talented full-stack developer specialising in PHP programming language. Has more than 7 years’ experience in developing content management systems.Learns UNITY and game development. Tech lifstyle. Samurai of programming
Roman Karban Co-founder/Software engineer
Talented and experienced software developer, having more than 8 years’ experience in mobile app development specialising in C Sharp programming language and cross-platform frameworks. Knows how a warp drive works. Samurai of programming